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Pain, Pain Go Away
By Dale Keiger
Pain afflicts millions of lives and costs millions of dollars. Treating it has proved to be extraordinarily hard.
Winning the Memory Game
By Karen Houppert
Memory loss over time is natural, but researchers have found that you can take action now to build a better brain.
Bodies at Work
By Amanda Kolson Hurley
From treadmill desks to $1,000 chairs, the marketplace for health-conscious office furniture is booming. But what do you really need to invest in?


Expert Advice
From e-cigs to hookah pipes: Is anything safe?
New findings in health, including help for fever, how vitamin D may prevent falls, and why going with your gut is better for business.
News from the cutting edge of research: What fruit flies tell us about insomnia, the promise of plantibodies, and technology.
Just Curious
How do we estimate the calories in food?
Apps, gadgets, and other innovations that are advancing health and health science.
Ron Z. Goetzel on healthy company culture.
Book Report
What you should be reading.
First person: Rick Mornkman on reclaiming the locks of his youth.
Ten Things
10 Green Cleaning Supplies from Mary Doyle, Registered Nurse
The Tobacco Wars
By Leslie Pietrzyk, Lecturer in Johns Hopkins’ MA in Writing Program

Letter from the Editor

Catherine Pierre
Catherine Pierre

You might wonder why a magazine dedicated to health is putting a story about water on its cover. Well, this speaks to the expansive view that we take on “health” here at Johns Hopkins Health Review.

Your health is about more than just your body. It is also about the welfare of your community, the strength of your relationships, the condition of the planet, and the vitality of your brain. JHHR examines a host of topics relating to our overall well-being and illuminates the important work happening in a variety of fields. 
As we go to press with this issue, California has just passed its first mandatory restriction on water use. That state’s historic drought is a sign of things to come. As reporter Andrea Appleton explains in her feature "Thirsty Planet", management of water resources will have to change drastically. She tells us about some cutting-edge solutions for safeguarding our water supply.
Contending with the future of water is the kind of complex challenge that we cannot solve alone. We must work across boundaries and disciplines, which is the fundamental approach that Johns Hopkins takes in researching and solving some of the world’s most thorny challenges. It’s also the approach that we take in this magazine when presenting news a?ecting your health. You’ll see stories ranging from how to set up your office ["Bodies at Work" to breakthroughs in sleep research ["Insomniac Flies"]. We also o?er the latest on emerging trends and tech, like whether e-cigarettes are really safer ["Expert Advice"].
What are the pressing issues that you want to hear about as they relate to health? We’d love to hear from you.


Amanda Kolson Hurley
Amanda Kolson Hurley

Amanda Kolson Hurley ("Bodies at Work") is a freelance writer and editor in Silver Spring, Maryland. She covers a wide range of topics in the fields of architecture and design, including design for health. Previously an editor at Architect and Preservation magazines, she contributes to The Atlantic’s CityLab, Washingtonian, and many other publications.

Pui Yan Fong
Pui Yan Fong

Pui Yan Fong (“Tracking Twitter” and “MedTech” illustrations) is a freelance illustrator based in Toronto who likes to draw laptops, smartphones, and  athletes.

Francesco Bongiorni
Francesco Bongiorni

Milanese-born Francesco Bongiorni (Pain, Pain, Go Away illustration) creates conceptual illustrations by interpreting and synthesizing complex ideas in an original way. His client list includes The New York Times, The Guardian, and Air France among others. He speaks and works in three languages and splits his time between Milan, Madrid, and London.

Andrea Appleton
Andrea Appleton

Andrea Appleton (“Thirsty Planet”) is a freelance science and feature writer based in Baltimore. Her work has appeared in National Geographic, SB Nation, and Al Jazeera America, among others. For more of her work, follow her on Twitter and visit 

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